An avid employer of a technique called "image-scraping", Mamiye sources photography by using the automated process which pulls large quantities of targeted images from online archives, web pages, and social media; a technique that can be seen in previous works such as Repost, and Collapse. These images form the basis of the Homage series, and are arranged and composed via a P5.js generative script carefully crafted to reflect Irene's aesthetic parameters.
Part of the generative nature of the script is that each piece in the series is unique, following a l-of-1-of-X model. Each piece is made up of a series of attributes, which are combined to create millions of potential outputs. For the creation of Homage, Irene plays with theme (which determines the images used in the piece) and composition (which determines the placement of those images) to drive the direction of each output, with additional attributes like social media elements and butterflies adding further variation within the collection.

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